About McCandless Design

I started McCandless Design 21 years ago as a part time job to supply the architectural community with sandblasted glass. My imagination quickly turned it into play and thus the fine crafts portion of the business was born. It grew rapidly and before long we were represented by hundreds of fine craft galleries across the U.S.


Our quest is to create beautiful, functional objects that will enhance the lives of those who own them. We produce items that range widely in affordability and style so as to meet everyone's budget and taste.


My latest endeavors stem from my love of nature's richest and most diverse material; wood. The marriage of wood and glass was a natural progression from my earlier work where I used small pieces of wood as bases and accents for glass and metal lamps and clocks. In the new work, wood has become the dominant focal point. Using exotic imported and domestic hardwoods, I work toward both classical and whimsical styling.


The woods are hand picked and patterns are cut in the sides to accept the trim wood. and glass face. Elements are sometimes applied to the front and back surfaces for more detail. One-Half inch thick plate glass is deeply carved , shaded and then fitted with a highly accurate quartz clock movement to make a trouble-free, heirloom quality, functional sculpture. These clocks stand securely on solid aluminum feet and is sealed with 6 to 8 coats of pre-catalyzed lacquer for a hard, lasting finish. These pieces range in height from about 6 t8 8 feet and may be custom sized or built from a large selection of woods to suit your needs.

The 'Styx' clock received a Niche Award in 1999.