About Tsunami Glassworks

Tsunami Glassworks is a boutique firm specializing in creative solutions in decorative glass, and glass related products serving retailers, residential, and commercial design firms. Working through the conception, visualization, and execution of designs, whether for products, or installations, we place great emphasis on quality, customer service and craftsmanship. In-house manufacturing capabilities and worldwide shipping capabilities offer extreme flexibility in regards to scale, colour selection, and scope of projects.


Not long after the conception of Tsunami Glassworks it became apparent that there was a need for interesting accessories that transcend items currently available in the market. Our philosophy is reflected in consistency and perseverance of our designs, incorporating form, colour, and nature into graceful objects with the hope that they will be accessible to everyone, and enjoyed by a broad audience. All designs are crafted in our facility located in Windsor, ON, Canada by our skilled crew.


As part of Tsunami's philosophy, we strive to foster original design with an emphasis on manufacturing by resolving issues of quality control with the added benefit of the rapid turnovers of samples, prototypes, and product. In addition, by providing product that is both monetarily and creatively competitive in a global market place, we excel where jobs require quantities that supersede the capacity of most studio glass, and quality is of the utmost importance.


Tsunami's continuing mandate is for its work to be efficient and personable all the while making the designers and craftspeople available to its clients, achieving balance between the art of glass design, and manufacturing.