About Yurana Glass

Each piece of glass displayed in our collection is handmade, created by the legendary glass blowers artist. The glass artist will use a variety of techniques and tools developed over the centuries to create these detailed works of art. Yurana Design presents beautifully hand sculptured and designed glass figurines in a shape of different animals, birds, fish, and figurative art.


While the glass is molten, the artists create highly artistic compositions, giving to the items the endlessly diverse shapes.Because each pieces is individually created by the artist himself - no molds are used and no two are exactly alike.


All pieces are produced in limited quantities; therefore, they are especially precious and valuable to anyone's collection. These decorative articles, many of which are of unique nature, will beautify every house interior, both classic and modern, and be able to give delight to you and your customers with its smooth and soft lines, expressiveness and refinement, brilliance of light and historical content.